Customize keypoints convention


If your dataset use an unsupported convention, a new convention can be added following this documentation.

These are the conventions that our project currently support:

  • agora

  • coco

  • coco_wholebody

  • crowdpose

  • h36m

  • human_data

  • hybrik

  • lsp

  • mpi_inf_3dhp

  • mpii

  • openpose

  • penn_action

  • posetrack

  • pw3d

  • smpl

  • smplx

1. Create a new convention

Please follow mmhuman3d/core/conventions/keypoints_mapping/ to create a file named In this file, NEW_KEYPOINTS is a list containing keypoints naming and order specific to the new convention.

For instance, if we want to create a new convention for AGORA dataset, would contain:


2. Search for keypoint names in human_data.

In this project, keypoints that share the same naming across datasets should have the exact same semantic definition in the human body. human_data convention has already consolidated the different keypoints naming and correspondences across our supported datasets.

For each keypoint in NEW_KEYPOINTS, we have to check (1) if the keypoint name exists in mmhuman3d/core/conventions/keypoints_mapping/ and (2) if the keypoint has a correspondence i.e. maps to the same location as the ones defined in human_data.

If both conditions are met, retain the keypoint name in

3. Search for keypoints correspondence in human_data.

If a keypoint in NEW_KEYPOINTS shares the same correspondence as a keypoint that is named differently in the human_data convention i.e. head in maps to head_extra in human_data, rename the keypoint to follow the new one in our convention i.e. head-> head_extra.

4. Add a new keypoint to human_data

If the keypoint has no correspondence nor share an existing name to the ones defined in human_data, please list it as well but add a prefix to the original name to differentiate it from those with existing correspondences i.e. spine_3dhp

We may expand human_data to the new keypoint if necessary. However, this can only be done after checking that the new keypoint do not have a correspondence and there is no conflicting names.

5. Initialise the new set of keypoint convention

Add import for in mmhuman3d/core/conventions/keypoints_mapping/, and add the identifier to dict KEYPOINTS_FACTORY.

For instance, if our new convention is agora:

# add import
from mmhuman3d.core.conventions.keypoints_mapping import (

# add to factory
    'agora': agora.AGORA_KEYPOINTS,

6. Using keypoints convention for keypoints mapping

To convert keypoints from any existing convention to your newly defined convention (or vice versa), you can use the convert_kps function mmhuman3d/core/conventions/keypoints_mapping/, which produce a mask containing 0 or 1 indicating if the corresponding point should be filtered or retained.

To convert from coco to new convention:

  new_kps, mask = convert_kps(smplx_keypoints, src='coco', dst='NEW_CONVENTION')

To convert from new convention to human_data:

  new_kps, mask = convert_kps(smplx_keypoints, src='NEW_CONVENTION', dst='human_data')
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